Happy Ever After

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  • Hardcover
  • Happy Ever After
  • Paul Dolan
  • 09 September 2017
  • 9780241284445

About the Author: Paul Dolan

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Happy Ever After book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Dolan author readers around the world.

Happy Ever After Get A Good Education, Be Successful, Get Married, Have Kids And Look After Your Health This Is What We Re Told Will Make Us Happy But What If These Stories Are Doing Harm Than Good In Happy Ever After, Bestselling Happiness Expert Professor Paul Dolan Draws On Groundbreaking Research And Data To Bust The Common Myths About Happiness And Show That The Path To Fulfilment Is Actually Far Unexpected Than We Thought With Straight Talking Wisdom, He Invites Us To Reappraise Our Values, Free Our Minds From The Narrative Traps Of Conventional Wisdom And Write Our Own Version Of The Good Life, Based On Maximising Positive, Meaningful Experiences That Can Generate New Social Benefits Not Least Greater Tolerance For Different Ways Of Life.Happiness Isn T What You Re Told It S What You Do.

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    Happy Ever After by Paul Dolan is a book about uncovering myths about a perfect life These myths, also known as the happiness narrative, are what we tend to think what makes us happy, but often we are better off abandoning this narrative Dolan is a behavioral scientist and thus has, not surprisingly, a very scientific way of looking at this However, I liked it that he made it human and relatable by giving his own interpretations of things at times, whilst still leaving space for readers to disagree The book consistently worked through several topics on which we are vulnerable to the happiness narrative Ranging from marriage, kids, health, and education there will probably be chapters to which you can relate than others, but I found several of them to be real eye openers Further, I really felt that Dolan was his unapologetic self while writing this book There is some swearing, but he also explains why, and I found it hilarious that somebody actually thought that he should not swear because of his position as an academic For fuck sake how ridiculous is that Then there is also this thing with not reading fiction weird, if you d ask me but hey, who am I to judge Besides that this provides for some of the easier content of the book, it also taught me another lesson about not falling for the narrative traps that we so easily want to adhere to without realizing if that really is what makes us happy.This book provided me w...

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    A book by a behavioural scientist whose main theme is to bring out the extent to which our life choices and desires career, wealth, family, health, charitable giving etc are frequently conditioned by social narratives that is, cultural assumptions and expectations that may actually not correspond to what makes for happiness The book adopts a utilitarian standpoint what makes for greater happiness and argues that evidence shows that people are happier if they do not let themselves be conditioned by social narratives As a simple example, studies suggest that people are happier if they have just enough...

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    4.5 starsThis book is a fascinating read and an excellent chance for self and societal reflection While I found the introduction very academic it s been a long time since I used the word deontological , the rest of the book gave a broad overview of the societal stories we continue to tell ourselves It doesn t seek to be an authority on each topic...

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    The claims is Some common beliefs of what leads to happiness held by society just aren t backed up by data Duh.

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    Based on the description for this book I thought I was going to be reading a self help book But instead I found it to be like a text book for academics on the subject of happiness complete with graphs, or in the case of my kindle ARC no graphs, which wasn t helpful I can only assume if you buy the kindle edition there will be graphs.I was off to a bad start with this book when the author proclaimed that as an LSE professor he was not expected to swear He then goes on to say that there is no correlation to swearing being due to poor vocabulary and or low intelligence There is however evidence to suggest that students pay attention to a teacher who swears That s my exclamation point The author then says that swearing is only ever harmful when it is aggressive or abusive and proceeds to litter the book with swearing as if to prove his point This I found unnecessary and crude and felt it didn t help me learn in the slightest.The book carries this rather sanctimonious attitude throughout and really I felt I was being preach...

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    Paul Dolan is a psychologist and this is an educated and well researched book but it is for everyone to read as it is truly fascinating We have a social norm set up for us and we strive to be happy by achieving that norm and woe betide you if you deviate in any way But Mr Dolan suggests that to be really happy we need to move from a culture of please to one of just enough He believes we should have respect for people who choose to live their lives to a different set of rules and look to them for ways to increase our own happiness There is a stigma as...

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    This is a book that won t be easy reading for many people simply because it forces one to question some of our most basic beliefs But if one manages to keep an open mind and allow Dolan s arguments to take shape in one s mind, it might just convince some people that there are different paths to happiness The tough topics addressed by the author are than counterbalanced by the easy prose and the lucidity I highly recommend this book to people who often ask m...

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    Dolan seeks to bust the common myths about how we think we need to live in order to be happy i.e we are sold the fact that education will make us happy, or wealth, or marriage, but when you look at the stats, who s actually happier He asks questions at the beginning of every chapter like totally paraphrasing from memory Would you rather be highly educated but miserable most of the time, or have little education but be happy most of the time and the same question about a friend ie would you rather your friend did X or Y to make us really think about these issues.It s interesting, and it makes sense when he says we need to start thinking outside of these boxes, to accept that what we perceive as a good job might not actually make us happy eg many people aspire to work in law and think doing so will make ...

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    In this strangely and positively different self help book, Paul Donlan focuses on explaining to us all the myths of the so called successful life, as well as the reasons why it is something that can never actually be achieved The book is broken down to simple everyday aspects of our lives, in which the perfect life ...

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    Another book I tried to enjoy, because I like behavioural economics and science based self help.ButMeh.Some very good points and advice made unpalatable by the heavy hand of Malthusian doom and gloom about how humans are overpopulating the planet and our grandchildren are all going to die a horrible death by global warming or whatever the moving disaster targ...

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