The Made-Up Man

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  • The Made-Up Man
  • Joseph Scapellato
  • 22 September 2019
  • 9780374716547

About the Author: Joseph Scapellato

Joseph Scapellato is the author of the story collection BIG LONESOME 2017 and the novel THE MADE UP MAN 2019 His work appears in North American Review, Kenyon Review Online, Post Road, Unsaid, and other magazines, and has been anthologized in Gigantic Books Gigantic Worlds and NOW s Best Innovative Writing Joseph teaches as an assistant professor in the Creative Writing program at Buck

The Made-Up Man Stanley Had Known It Was A Mistake To Accept His Uncle Lech S Offer To Apartment Sit In Prague He D Known It Was One Of Lech S Proposals, A Thinly Veiled Setup For Some Invasive, Potentially Dangerous Performance Art Project But Whatever Lech Had Planned For Stanley, It Would Get Him To Prague And Maybe Offer A Chance To Make Things Right With T After His Failed Attempt To Propose.Stanley Can Take It He Can Ignore Their Hijinks, Resist Being Drafted Into Their Evolving, Darkening Script As The Operation Unfolds It Becomes Clear There S To This Performance Than He Expected They Know About Stanley S State Of Mind Than He Knows Himself He May Be Able To Step Over Chalk Outlines In The Hallway, May Be Able To Turn Away From The Women Acting As His Mother Or The Men Performing As His Father, But When A Man Made Up To Look Like Stanley Begins To Play Out His Most Devastating Memory, He Won T Be Able To Stand Outside This Imitation Of His Life Any Longer.

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    My full review is now up at Fiction Writers Review

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    In many ways, Scapellato s debut novel isn t unlike The Third Hotel , but while Van den Berg meditates about impulse, intuition and the subconscious, this author walks the line between art and the artifical Our narrator is a 29 year old Polish American named Stanley who just dropped out of grad school for archaeology and is on a break with his mysteriously named girlfriend T after he proposed to her and she said no While he has obviously never been the most determined human being there is, Stanley now feels completely lost, so he accepts an offer from his uncle to travel to Prague and take part in one of his performace art projects So just like in The Third Hotel , loss, disorientation, alienation and travel feature heavily, but while Van den Berg finds the biggest mysteries inside the gloomy abyss that his her main character s subconsciousness, Scapellato sets out to investigate whether there is anything at all at the core of Stanley, and he does so by mirroring him in his story He is a failed archaeologist who tried to literally dig up history you discovered a little at a time, you worked to figure out how it fit, you stepped back to study the big picture The connection to himself though is not the insight he gained, but that ...

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    The Made up Man is a disjointed work of fiction in the genre existential noir The protagonist Stanley is a confused and depressed individual who decides to take a break from his current meaningless life The Made up Man is Joseph Scapellato s debut novel.Stanley is a 29 year old Polish American who drops out of grad school in archaeology He is having difficulty with his girlfriend T to whom he proposes and she says no Stanley now feels lost, so he accepts an offer from his uncle Lech to travel to Prague, to apartment sit for him, and to unknowingly take part in one of his uncle s performance art projects What follows is a strange self discovery exercise organized through a series of actors performing in a bizarre noir like art project that is too close to Stanley s reality I do not like this book The storyline makes no sense initially and as it starts to approach clarity it becomes mundane I admit I rarely read books or watch films in this genre so I am probably missing the essence of what the author is trying to say I find this book novel and humorous in parts, but confusing Structurally the book is unique, but the lengthy titles and short chapters result in a lot of white space Non acting characters are well developed for the most part, but I am confused by the progression of the art project It is disjointed ...

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    Cori reflects at almost every chapter how she might sum up the confusing experience it is reading this book and how she could possibly convey her thoughts into a few pithy sentences in goodreads while also t...

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    I m typically hard to win over when it comes to experimental styles, but I really thought the book balanced the off kilter, absurd aspects with a very resonant, engaging narrative I dug the existentialism, the surrealism of the performance art troupe and the cognitive disassociation with Stanley s sense of self, but than that, the interpersonal relationships his friends and family, his dig cohorts, a...

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    My review for the Chicago Tribune The Simple Art of Murder, his 1950 essay on the genre of hard boiled detective fiction, Raymond Chandler writes that the figure of the detective must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor In his debut novel, an experimental and existential noir called The Made Up Man, Joseph Scapellato offers readers a detective who is a confused man and a sincere man and yet a pretty archetypally sad and rootless late 20 something man, whose biggest mystery to solve seems to be what to do with, and where to locate meaning in, his life.Stanley, Scapellato s bearded, Chicago living, Polish American protagonist, is quite deliberately incomplete and alien to himself, troubled by a very bad feeling comprised of a space at the center of myself that wasn t me His purposefully solipsistic international and philosophical quest commences when, against his better judgment, Stanley accepts his untrustworthy and possibly malevolent Uncle Lech s invitation to apartment sit in Prague, which Stanley knows is just another one of the older man s prying and manipulative performance art projects Stanley s father, who despises the creations of Lech and his fellow artists, believes that their art wasn t art it ...

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    I am not the target audience Navel gazing at it s most affected Received this book in a GoodReads giveaway Did not know what an existential noir is even without the inclusion of absurdist comedy Don t know what that is either This book and it s characters, storyline, etc come across as elitist I don t like anyone here, they all seem awful in their own individual ways who knew there were so many ways to be unlikable Rather than seeming to be a man with a foot in both worlds, Stanley is just as self absorbed and pretentious as all of the other pseudo Intellectuals populating this world It is all performance art and I ve never been a fan There is the standard diversity among the characters per requisite agenda This is written for those who look down on the fly over states Stanley s whole whiny I don t know who I am, what to do, I will play at manual labor, but I m really better ...

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    The made up man becomes actual I picked up this book based on a recommendation from a stranger, with little than the blurbs on the back cover to hint at it s content Those hints promised hilarity, dread and originality While I can t say that the book delivers on all fronts, I also can t say it fails to deliver The Made Up Man is a modern take on absurdist fiction with it s dark humor, unconventional plot structure and surreal circumstances Stanley is the quintessential conflicted youth telling himself his actions have purpose while his reality is directionless He agrees to apartment sit in Prague for his unscrupulous uncle, knowing that he will be subjected to psychological abuse in the name of art Stanley plans to outmaneuver his Machiavellian uncle but ends up facing an existential crisis of self.Scapellato s prose is clever without being overindulgent While I did not find any of the characters to be ...

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    I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in return for a honest review.The premise of this book was very intriguing Stanley, an archaeology graduate dropout, decided to take his uncle Lech s offer to apartment sit for him at Prague knowing that he will be the main star of his uncle s next performance art project I can t bring myself to like this book or any of the characters The decisions and actions Stanley made throughout the book were very confusing...

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    First thanks to fsgbooks for getting myself and the drunkbookpod set up with this book Now for my endtablebookreview What an wild ride Joseph had me at his first book biglonesome and this new novel does not disappoint Stanley thinks he is just house sitting in Prague but he is really a part of a terrifying art installation of his uncles creation He keeps running into made up men and some made up women made up to be men made up to be women prett good example of the book in that sentence This ...

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