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  • 160 pages
  • Rag
  • Maryse Meijer
  • English
  • 06 February 2019
  • 9780374719005

About the Author: Maryse Meijer

Maryse Meijer is the author of Heartbreaker FSG 2016 and Northwood forthcoming Black Balloon, 2018 She lives in Chicago.

Rag From The Author Of Heartbreaker, A Disquieting Collection Tracing The Destructive Consequences Of The Desire For ConnectionA Man, Forgotten By The World, Takes Care Of His Deaf Brother While Euthanizing Dogs For A Living A Stepbrother So Desperately Wants To Become His Stepsibling That He Rapes His Girlfriend In Maryse Meijer S Decidedly Dark And Searingly Honest Collection Rag, The Desperate Human Desire For Connection Slips Into A Realm That Approximates Horror.Meijer S Explosive Debut Collection, Heartbreaker, Reinvented Sexualized And Romantic Taboos, Holding Nothing Back In Rag, Meijer S Fearless Follow Up, She Shifts Her Focus To The Dark Heart Of Intimacies Of All Kinds, And The Ways In Which Isolated People S Yearning For Community Can Breed Violence, Danger, And Madness With Unparalleled Precision, Meijer Spins Stories That Leave You Troubled And Slightly Shaken By Her Uncanny Ability To Elicit Empathy For Society S Most Marginalized People.

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    These are not the stories for me I made it through a miscarriage story but had to bail once I hit the dog testing story.

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    Interesting collection Slice of life stories, but shaved very close to the skin, some bleeding even At first these come across as slightly surreal and occasionally overstylized, but later stories are much conventionally structured and to me at least appealing Definitely dark, these are tales of loneliness and sadness and uncertain attempts to connect The latter might prove to be as challenging as connecting to the book itself, it just doesn t lend itself to this sort of attachment, it maintain the distance with a sort of studied viscerality and emotional aloofness All bleak, some positively depressing, some merely odd certainly unorthodox, not the sort of thing to easily enjoy or eager...

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    Via my blog Certainly there is a history of the incident, going back before my time injuries, a childhood illness, ostracism, mental disorder, loneliness, screams A history of chance These stories are raw and I devoured them They are about bleeding out, deprivation, forbidden attraction, hiding from the world, the meaning of freedom, and all the things we think and don t say or feel and keep in the shadows Humans are beasts, we re fragile creatures and mean ones too We destroy others, we destroy ourselves We re full of longing and disgust for our longings too I think the most moving excerpt for me is from the story Jury, but I am only going to give a line or two from it, They were so helpless They cut themselves, starved themselves, got themselves killed Women, girls, because our reality is that dangerous, that threatening in the world we all share He is just a father, sitting on a jury thinking he can understand a fellow juror because he notices something about her, as if labeling a thing means it is easily repaired The line about his grown daughter too, loaded with meaning, for me anyway This was a girl with everything And yet she never smiled Jury resonated with me, its brutal and strangely qui...

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    This cuts It s so sharp, so harsh.It s hard for me to write a review of this, without breaking after each story When I finish each piece, it usually overwhelms my impressions of the previous ones it s hard for me to remember specifics The events remind me of Lucia Berlin, Kyle Minor when is he going to publish a new book , maybe Brian Allen Carr his southern realist stories, not the bizarro , who are generally free with their expositions Meijer s mostly male protagonists often trace a seemingly harmless idea, from an innocent starting point, to obsessive, dangerous, irrational places I love Meijer s prose, and her careful choices for what little to show us through the pinholes of her protagonists quietly horrific perspectives Even The Lover , which meanders just a tad, ends like this You know, I said, God loves Maggie very much But he doesn t give a sh...

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    Fierce, subtle, flat out gorgeous, warm with dread no one s voice is like Maryse s I loved HEARTBREAKER and RAG is totally different and every bit as passionate and I love it every bit as much I could quote favorite lines but why spoil the stories for new readers Highly recommended.

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    Fave stories Viral, Evidence.

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    I love Maryse, and will write up a proper review soon.

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    Book Review RagAuthor Maryse MeijerPublisher FSG Originals Farrar, Straus and GirouxPublication Date February 12, 2019Review Date October 31, 2018I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is yet another collection of short stories, again very dark, violent and confounding Amazing work, but after this I think I need a breather and will look in my TBR list for something a little lighter Here s the description on From the author of Heartbreaker, a disquieting collection tracing the destructive consequences of the desire for connection.A man, forgotten by the world, takes care of his deaf brother while euthanizing dogs for a living A stepbrother so desperately wants to become his stepsibling that he rapes his girlfriend In Maryse Meijer s decidedly dark and searingly honest collection Rag, the desperate human desire for connection slips into a realm that approximates horror.Meijer s explosive debut collection, Heartbreaker, reinvented sexualized and romantic taboos, holding nothing back In Rag, Meijer s fearless...

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    During this morning s session I told my therapist about the immediate connection my wife and I made after our first date I detailed how we d finished one another s sentences, loved the same bands, fed off of one another s energy in a manner that would best be described as effortless so much so I recall telling my father the next morning that I had found the girl I m gonna marry Suffice to say, I ve yet to experience a connection anywhere close, or as powerful save for maybe my daughter, but she s literally a part of me not to mention 4 years old.Reflecting upon the roots of my marriage, coupled with devouring Maryse Meijer s remarkable collection Rag Stories, I realize how difficult it can be to connect with someone Oftentimes it takes dedication, sacrifice, empathy It takes digging into the deepest sometimes darkest parts of our soul It takes courage, and perhaps most of all, honesty with both one s self and whomever one longs to connect with The ragtag bunch that make up Meijer s storie...

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    Before opening up the pages of Rag I had a feeling of apprehension I knew from reading her book North Wood that I would be willingly putting myself through a haunting experience and that I would encounter characters and settings that would leave me chilled I had to brace myself to dunk into the surreal world that Maryse Meijer constructed and I was not disappointed It definitely felt akin to walking into a house of mirrors The reflections surrounding me were twisted and dark and yet I could still recognize myself in them I think that s the scariest and most brilliant thing that Maryse Meijer does I am not usually a fan of short stories but I thoroughly enjoyed this dark and twisty book I couldn t catch a break in between journeying from one character to another and sharing with them their hauntingly chilling tales It was strange, so amazingly grotesque and even vulgar at some points and yet so fascinating This is what I ve used countless of times to describe this book I ...

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