The Purveyors of Destiny

[PDF / Epub] ❤ The Purveyors of Destiny  ✅ Arup Chatterjee –
  • Paperback
  • 332 pages
  • The Purveyors of Destiny
  • Arup Chatterjee
  • 20 July 2019
  • 9789386950147

About the Author: Arup Chatterjee

Arup K Chatterjee was awarded his doctorate at the Center for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, in 2015 He has taught English, as Assistant Professor, at colleges in the University of Delhi In 2014 15 he was a recipient of Charles Wallace fellowship to the United Kingdom He is the founding chief editor of Coldnoon International Journal of Travel Writing Travelling Cultures H

The Purveyors of Destiny In 1853 Karl Marx Predicted The Indian Railways Would Foster The Growth Of Parallel Industries Not Immediately Connected With The Railways But The Most Successful Industry Which Marx Could Not Possibly Have Dreamed Of Was That Of Cultural Representations Of The Railways, Which Began Even Before The Railways, Themselves From Rudyard Kipling To Mark Twain To R.K Narayan To Ruskin Bond The Aura Of Indian Trains And Railway Stations Have Enchanted Many.What Imperialism Made Opulent, Nationalism Embraced A Swadeshi Tool, Partition Turned Into Theaters Of The Macabre, And The Nation S Destiny Marked For Its Favorite Foster Child, Came To Embody The Portable Architecture Of India S Modernity And, What With Iconic Railway Cinematography From Aradhana 1969 , Sonar Kella 1974 , Gandhi 1982 , Dil Se 1997 , Or Parineeta 2005 , Indian Cinema Has Forged Mythical Railroads In The National Psyche The Purveyors Of Destiny Brings Together All These Elements Together, For The First Time, In A Book Replete With Anecdotes From Colonial And Indian Accounts, The Battlefronts Of The Indian Nationalist Movement, Indian Cinema, Advertisements, And Much , In An Ever Expanding Cultural Biography Of The Great Indian Railways In This Fascinating Cultural History, Arup K Chatterjee Charts The Extraordinary Journey Of The Indian Railways, From The Laying Of The Very First Sleeper To The First Post Independence Bogey It Evokes Our Collective Accumulation Of Those Innumerable Memories Of Platform Chai And Rail Gaadi Stories, Bringing Alive Through Myriad Voices And Tales The Biography Of One Of India S Defining Public Institutions Shashi Tharoor, Author, M.P., Lok Sabha The Purveyors Of Destiny Is A Fascinating And Well Researched Cultural Biography Of The Indian Railways Those Intricate Arteries Of The Soul Of India, As Have Been Experienced, Written, Filmed, And Dreamed We Cannot All Travel By Rail To Know India, As Gandhiji Did, But We Can And Should Read This Book Tabish Khair, Author, Professor Drawing On An Impressive Repertoire Of Literature And Film, This Elegantly Crafted Biography Of The Railways Takes Us On A Riveting Journey Through The Cultural History Of The Indian Nation, From The 1850s To The Present Written With Wit And Verve, It Is A Delight To Read Sugata Bose, Author, Professor, M.P., Lok Sabha A Deeply Engaging Work That Comfortably Straddles, And Masters, The Worlds Of Academic Research And Modern Nonfiction, Offering Countless Delightful Gems Of India S Railway Legends And Narratives For The Curious Reader Crafted With Great Skill And A Keen Understanding Of Modern Culture From The Region And Beyond A Remarkable Achievement Kaushik Barua, Author A Wonderfully Eclectic Account Of The Indian Railways And The Vital Place They Occupy In Our Cultural History, With Memorable Moments And Motifs From Literature, Cinema And Other Elements Of Our Collective Imagination A Great Train Journey, Replete With All Of The Essentials From Garam Chai And A.H Wheeler To Historic Arrivals And Departures Stephen Alter, Author

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