Un paese lontano. Cinque lezioni sulla cultura americana

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  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • Un paese lontano. Cinque lezioni sulla cultura americana
  • Franco Moretti
  • English
  • 14 July 2018
  • 9780374272708

About the Author: Franco Moretti

Franco Moretti is an Italian literary scholar, trained as a Marxist critic, whose work focuses on the history of the novel as a planetary form He has written five books, Signs Taken for Wonders 1983 , The Way of the World 1987 , Modern Epic 1995 , Atlas of the European Novel, 1800 1900 1998 , and Graphs, Maps, Trees Abstract Models for a Literary History 2005 His recent work is notable

Un paese lontano. Cinque lezioni sulla cultura americanaThe Influential And Controversial Critic Takes Literary History Out Of The Classroom And Into The PublicIn The Field Of Literary History And Theory, Franco Moretti Is Synonymous With Innovation The Cofounder Of The Stanford Literary Lab, He Brought Quantitative Methods Into The Study Of The Novel, Enabling A Distant Reading That Uses Computation To Analyze Literary Production Over Centuries But At The Same Time, He Was Also Teaching Undergraduates The History Of Literature Knowing Moretti, It S No Surprise That He Didn T Teach The Course The Accepted Way One Author After Another, In A Long Uninterrupted Chain Instead, He Put An Irregular Chessboard In Front Of His Students That Was Too Strange To Be Taken For Granted Literary History Had Become A Problem, And He Offered A Solution.In Far Country,Moretti Take These Lectures Out Of The Classroom And Lets Us Share In The Passion And Excitement That Comes From Radical Critique Unconstrained By Genre, Moretti Juxtaposes Whitman And Baudelaire, The Western And Film Noir, Even Rembrandt And Warhol, Illuminating Each Through Their Opposition With His Guidance, We Revel In The Process Of Transformation The Earthquakes That Shook The How Of Artistic Form And Begin To Shape A New View On American Culture.Bracing In Its Insight And Provocative In Its Conclusions, Far Country Is A Critical Look At The Development Of American Cultural Hegemony.

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    Uno di quei libri che fa tornare la voglia di studiare, di quei volumi che ti fanno ben sperare per la nostra istruzione finch persone come Moretti insegnano.5 lezioni tratte da un ben pi lungo e dettagliato corso dedicato alle basi della cultura americana Si parla di cultura, cinema, societ , letteratura e molto ...

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    This short book is a selection of lectures from a course in literary history that Franco Moretti, now retired, used to teach at Stanford University Moretti is best known for advocating computational approaches to the humanities for his paradigm of distant reading, where the scholar or team of scholars mine data rather than perform minute and partly artistic close textual analyses to make discoveries or confirm observations about literary form and history.Disdaining the old technique of close reading as theological, the materialist Moretti argues instead that the production of literary knowledge should be put on the same basis as scientific knowledge results should be falsifiable and replicable through experiment.Such arguments do not appear in Far Country This collection of undergraduate lectures on topics in American culture encompassing poetry Whitman , short fiction Hemingway , film Westerns and noirs , drama Arthur Miller , and painting Hopper and Warhol is a good reminder of where Moretti started as a critic, before his turn to the digital humanities.His early book, Signs Taken for Wonders On t...

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    Cinque brevi saggi e un introduzione che riguardano letteratura, cinema e pittura americani, anche attraverso il confronto con autori europei Whitman Baudelaire, Hemingway e la I guerra mondiale, Western Noir, Morte di un commesso viaggiatore e Amsterdam New Amsterdam Vermeer Rembrandt Hopper Warhol sono i t...

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    I received this book free from NetGalley The style of this work wasn t really to my taste, but I could see how others would enjoy it I appreciated the novelty of Moretti s approach to literary history as well as that he kept the informal tone of his lectures intact Having said that, the lectures could have used reformatting to make them readable pages upon pages of block quotations gets exhausting quickly There s also a hard to p...

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    Moretti is such a important thinker, but I wish he was a better writer so I could recommend his work across the board.

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