The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez

[Ebook] ↠ The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez  Author Aaron Bobrow-Strain –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez
  • Aaron Bobrow-Strain
  • English
  • 12 April 2017
  • 9780374191979

About the Author: Aaron Bobrow-Strain

Aaron Bobrow Strain is a professor of politics at Whitman College, where he teaches courses dealing with food, immigration, and the U.S Mexico border His writing has appeared in Believer, The Chronicle of Higher Education Review, Salon, and Gastronomica Along with The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez A Border Story , he is the author of White Bread A Social History of the Store Bought Loaf a

The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez What Happens When An Undocumented Teen Mother Takes On The U.S Immigration System When Aida Hernandez Was Born In 1987 In Agua Prieta, Mexico, The Nearby U.S Border Was Little Than A Worn Down Fence Eight Years Later, Aida S Mother Took Her And Her Siblings To Live In Douglas, Arizona By Then, The Border Had Become One Of The Most Heavily Policed Sites In America.Undocumented, Aida Fought To Make Her Way She Learned English, Watched Friends, And, After Having A Baby At Sixteen, Dreamed Of Teaching Dance And Moving With Her Son To New York City But Life Had Other Plans Following A Misstep That Led To Her Deportation, Aida Found Herself In A Mexican City Marked By Violence, In A Country That Was Not Hers To Get Back To The United States And Reunite With Her Son, She Embarked On A Harrowing Journey The Daughter Of A Rebel Hero From The Mountains Of Chihuahua, Aida Has A Genius For Survival But Returning To The United States Was Just The Beginning Of Her Quest.Taking Us Into Detention Centers, Immigration Courts, And The Inner Lives Of Aida And Other Daring Characters, The Death And Life Of Aida Hernandez Reveals The Human Consequences Of Militarizing What Was Once A Forgiving Border With Emotional Force And Narrative Suspense, Aaron Bobrow Strain Brings Us Into The Heart Of A Violently Unequal America He Also Shows Us That The Heroes Of Our Current Immigration Wars Are Less Likely To Be Perfect Paragons Of Virtue Than Complex, Flawed Human Beings Who Deserve Justice And Empathy All The Same.

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    The House on Mango Street changed Aida Hernandez s life In her darkest hours, she remembered the words of hope I have gone a long way to come back Aida wanted to dance She wanted to finish high school and go to college She wanted to become a therapist She wanted to give her son a good home She wanted to love and be loved Her hopes were just like yours and mine.But Aida s life held horrors than any one body should be able to endure She had survived even death but suffered from crippling CPTSD Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder She came from a legacy of abuse but a knife attack tipped her over the edge It only took one mistake, a 6 mistake, to remove Aida from her son and family, locked up for months in a women s prison They were not given tampons, or enough toilet paper, or adequate wholesome food There were not enough beds or blankets to keep warm And that is when Aida saw The House on Mango Street on the prison library shelf and it started her reclamation and a life of helping the other women with her.Aaron Bobrow Strain s book The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez brings to life unforgettable women, and through their stories, explores the failure of Prevention Through Deterrence which posits that if the journey is horrific enough people will not come Women suffer the most in this system He shows how American economic and political policies and the desire f...

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    This initially stood out to me because of the reversal of life and death in the title It s required reading, not just in the age of Trump, but in the age of humanity, or an age where humanity is the same as it s always been, cruel and binary Aaron Bobrow Strain has an i...

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    An incredible story based on the life of Aida Hernandez, a Mexican woman who made her way to the U.S only to experience one disaster after another, among them abuse, prison, homelessness, joblessness and poverty The one shining light in her life was her son and she did everything she possibly could to keep them together.The author learned of Aida and her story and through many interviews, along with his own research, turned her story, and the story of others, into a book A timely border story that incorporates the history and difficulties of Mexicans migrating to the U.S Aida s story, and others who tried and failed to relocate to the U.S., will resonate with readers who also follow the U.S government s stand on immigration, a system that continues to be broken.Reading this book, it s hard to believe everything that Aida went through It s not an easy life for immigrants, even once they get to the U.S Aida, ho...

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    The book tackles a wide breadth of material, and it does so with grace The author provides historical context so the reader understands how the current policies regarding the US Mexican border came into place Aida s story highlights the failure of policies and those writing and enforcing them to account for the complexity of the lives they affect I did feel that some of the information about Ra l and Ema distracted from the story, and I wish they had been included in a smoother way...

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    I would strongly recommend this book to everyone An incredibly compelling and comprehensive read, I felt both educated and moved

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    I can t even begin to imagine the time, research, energy, courage, and emotional toll that creating this book took on all of the participants I personally think it is amazing piece of work a true story of one woman s immigration struggle in the US, entwined with the stories of others close to her, all enshrouded by the history of US immigration laws, and why they function the way they work today, and who they actually work for.As an immigrant who spent years in a tough situation, walking a tightrope that would become strained with the weight of everything many a time, it drives me mad when people make general assumptions and complete generalizations about immigrants and the immigration process here It often appears to me that people don t really want to understand how complicated it actually is, or why people would want have to come here in the first place The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez A Border Story is the type of book that needs to be read in order to get some kind of understanding into the complexities of immigration and border policies here in the US And also on immigrants in general we don t fit into a specific sized box with a list of boundaries marked on the side We are all human beings, prone to the same qu...

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    After reading The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez, I now feel much better educated about how U.S immigration policy and border enforcement practices have evolved over the last 25 years The book has helped me know when to call B.S on a candidate s talking points and better judge when a politician or NGO is proposing something that might actually help make immigration policy humane and make the border a permeable line that people and goods can cross safely, rather than a militarized zone An idea from the book that will stick with me is that immigration policy and border security are not broken they re functioning exactly as intended Thus, the longterm focus of advocates and anyone who cares should be on shifting the intent of these policies, rather than merely doing some reconfiguration and triage around the edges What made the book mo...

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    Beyond good and evilThis book succeeds in broadening public conversation about immigration policy that concerns undocumented men and women surviving along the border In particular, this mix of journalistic fiction and ethnic biography places a spotlight on asylum policy for survivors of abuse Aida s story is rooted in many poor decisions and many inescapable circumstances The trauma that she experiences should encourage the reader to re evaluate our country s treatment of less than model immigrants who are complicit by choice or by circumstance with narco criminal exploitation of the vulnerable and marginalized Neither conservatives nor liberals will be fully satisfied with the resolution solution to the core conflict in the book For this reason, I consider the bo...

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    The timing could not be better for this compelling and informative book, as discussions about immigration policy and border enforcement increasingly dominate the news cycle, often with a scarcity of details about the larger context of this generations old issue Aida s story is both heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting, and is presented as one of many other untold stories of people caught up in the legally, socially and economically complicated intersection that is the US Mexico border It is also beautifully told in a highly readable narrative that captures the emotional force of the story both the highs and the lows without ever ...

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    This book is full of heart Nonfiction with excellent storytelling explores the life of a young woman born in Mexico in 1987 Aida Hernandez comes of age between worlds, criss crossing the Arizona Mexico border because of school, work, and family ties Characters are real people, although author has disguised the names including Aida s for many reasons The author braids Aida s story with background details about Mexican history and the legacy of immigration economics and enforcement along the USA Mexico border He also dives into complexities of immigration law This illuminates the current 2019 context, when thousands of people wait in detention for their asylum or deportation cases to be processed A vital, excellent choice for book groups who want a substantia...

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