One Perfect Family (Ellindale Saga, #4)

[Epub] ➛ One Perfect Family (Ellindale Saga, #4)  By Anna Jacobs –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 368 pages
  • One Perfect Family (Ellindale Saga, #4)
  • Anna Jacobs
  • 12 January 2019

About the Author: Anna Jacobs Anna reads 3 novels a week Happy reading, everyone.

One Perfect Family (Ellindale Saga, #4) Lancashire, 1934 When Tam Crawford Is Unexpectedly Bequeathed Some Money, He Can Finally Realise His Dream Of Settling Down In The Beautiful Village Of Ellindale.Tam Knows He Can Be Impulsive His Nickname Isn T Crazy Tam For Nothing But This Time He Is Determined Not To Be Ruled By His Big Heart And Hot Head Yet Somehow, Within Just One Day, He Has Taken On A Fianc E And Two Children To Keep Them Out Of The Poorhouse Or Worse Despite Their Unconventional Start, As Tam And His New Family Get To Know And Love Each Other, They Come To Realise That His Act Of Charity Is The Best Thing That Could Have Happened To All Of Them But There Are Still Problems And They Struggle To Find Somewhere To Live.Tam And His Makeshift Family Are Not The Only Ones Facing Difficulties Local Benefactor Finn Carlisle S Attempts To Help The Unemployed Are Being Sabotaged By An Unscrupulous Local Councillor, And Tam S Cousin By Marriage Hilda Kerkham Has Been Widowed And Is Struggling Even To Feed Her Son Will The People Of Ellindale Be Able To Help One Another In These Hard Times Praise For The Ellindale Series One Of The Most Lovely And Heartwarming Books I Have Ever Read Between The PagesA Book Of Family, Love, Friendship And Loyalty Stardust Book Reviews I Was Gripped From The Very First Word On The Very First Page And I Wasn T Released Until The Last Word On The Last Page When I Finished I Felt Like I Had Been Through An Emotional Wringer Ginger Book Geek

10 thoughts on “One Perfect Family (Ellindale Saga, #4)

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    I have loved reading The Ellindale Series which ends with One Perfect Family,it has been a joy getting to know and love the residents.Leah,Jonah,Rosie,Finn,Charlie,Todd and Harry.Tam Crawford has been on the road for years but when a dear old lady who he did work for dies he has to visit a solicitor who is dealing with her will.To find that she has left him money to make his life better on the understanding that he help others,tam knows he can make his dream...

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    Thoroughly good read bringing the Ellindale saga to its conclusion I enjoyed this very much.

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    Having read the third one in this series this is the fourth and not really enjoyed it I started this book wandering whether it would be the same but I was pleasantly surprised It was a lovely slow paced story with really heart warming characters and a nice ending to a good series.I think it would have been a little confusing to read this as a stand alone novel as many of the characters from previous books feature in this ...

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    This is the final book in the Ellindale series and was every bit as good as the others I loved this book from start to finish and couldn t put it down Well done Anna you never disappoint your readers.

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    A perfect endI m so sad to finish this book the last in the series but looking forward to the birch end series this was a perfect ending with Leah.todd.charlie.and new comers.Tam.and Cara.5 stars for a fantastic book.

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    Enjoy reading this book Have read all 4 of the Ellindale sarga Anna Jacobs is a fantastic writer.

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    This is another lovely story by Anna Jacobs, Tam has been on the tramp for many years most people know him as Crazy Tam Tam doesn t like to see injustice or cruelty to other people or animals and tends to react and get involved without thinking Tam is bequeathed money from one of the women Tam would do work for, it s 1936 and Tam is given 300, which is a huge amount so Tam purchases a van and goes back to where he grew up, he would love to own his own property and run his own business, in the meantime Tam meets Jinna who doesn t talk, she is being bullied by the local boys so Tam intervenes And the story continues when Tam meets Cara Ned, this is a lovel...

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    Ellendale Series Saga I didn t review the first three in the series as they simply linked up so you needed to read them all to get the entire picture of the story It s such a lovely story of a small village and of the new residents who move there for...

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    Anna Jacobs creates characters who feel like friends In her books, evil is vanquished and good prevails because people work together in love and trust In this busy, often violent world, it s good to be reminded of these truths Anna s books leave me feeling uplifted and at peace.I...

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    InspiringMy heart was captured by the wonderful people of this village, felt I was living with them in such hard, but awesome times, the way Anna writes, it s as if you can see each and every person.

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