Children of the West: Family Life on the Frontier

[Ebook] Children of the West: Family Life on the Frontier By Cathy Luchetti –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Children of the West: Family Life on the Frontier
  • Cathy Luchetti
  • English
  • 11 April 2018
  • 9780393049138

About the Author: Cathy Luchetti

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Children of the West: Family Life on the Frontier book, this is one of the most wanted Cathy Luchetti author readers around the world.

Children of the West: Family Life on the FrontierIn Search Of Land And A New Life, Couples Created Farms And Ranches In The Rugged Frontier The Children Of The West Took After Their Rugged And Individualistic Parents They Grew Up Learning Determination With Their Prayers While Families Worried About Wild Animals And Indian Raids, Their Greatest Difficulty Might Be Just Growing Enough Food To Eat And Staying Sheltered Yet, There Was Fun To Be Had, From Tumbling Down Haystacks To Grasshopper Races, Or A Tea Party With Corncob Dolls Large Families Bustled With Chores And Chastisement, And There Was Endless Opportunity For Mischief Among Siblings.The West Attracted People From All Over America And From All Over The World Luchetti Looks At The Lives Of The Black Exodusters, The Native Spanish Who Created Wealthy Rancheros, And The Chinese And Japanese Who Sought Greater Economic Opportunities Than They Could Find In Their Homeland And Many New Settlers Encountered The Indians, Whose Lives Were Disrupted By The Mandate Of Manifest Destiny Brought Into Lively, And Often Painful, Proximity, Their Stories Were Made Even Poignant Through The Lives Of Their Children.Children Of The West Reveals The Bygone Lives Of The Families Who Populated The Pioneer West, As Described In Their Own Words In Letters, Diaries, And Journals We Come Close To Them Through Their Worries And Joys The Photographs Draw Us Even Closer, As We See The Face Of Family Life In The Changing West.

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    Found this book fascinating Loved the first hand accounts from various people The author worked hard to give us a view of life for children of the twentieth century I found some of the stories very sad, and although I knew life was hard for most, I discovered that many children were actually adults before they had reached their tenth year of life Just to have enough food to feed the many mouths took all their resources, and life was hard Not enough food was a huge reality for many I felt the pain of so many women who had no recourse but to bear too many children Birth control was basically a dream for women...

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    This work of non fiction provides an overview on family life for children living in the American west in the decades before and after the turn of the twentieth century Author Cathy Luchetti gleans this portrait of early American childhood from letters, diaries, and first person accounts and the book is full of photos to further illustrate early western life Rather than organized chronologically, the book s chapters each focus on a different aspect of life on the frontier including the journey west, childbirth, diet, games, education, illness, as well as chapters on the various ethnicities that were also living in America at the time I found this book fascinating and particularly loved the individual accounts scattered throughout the book This history has value because it provides insight into the daily lives of Americans living in the mid west at the time Many of the stories recounted were profoundly sad, including stories of children being orphaned and freak accidents that led to the tragic deaths of small children The details of daily life at the time were also interesting to read, such as how early A...

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    Cathy Luchetti organizes her book, Children of the West, not by geographic space but by theme As an interesting innovation, she begins with birth, and concludes with death although the final part is a discussion of ethnic groups in the West The book is divided into six thematic parts and further subdivided into chapters The chapters are presented as vignettes, little windows into the lives of the subjects Luchetti mixes her overall narrative with wonderfully selected anecdotes from memoirs, letters, and other accounts With the added perspective of the many superb photographs, drawn from a wide variety of archives and collections, it is a shame that Luchetti devotes no discussion to how she selected the images The images are merely presented alongside the text, and most appear to have no relation to the characters who she quotes and has drawn analysis from Still, the photographs and text layout make this a very readable book which draws the reader in One of Luchetti s most interesting sections is on frontier pregnancy, childhood, and childrearing While written from the perspective of frontier mothers, these sections do frame childhood through the lens of family life Luchetti follows what might be a conventional path in a text about childhood, in that she begins with birth, the beginning of life itself however, West a...

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    Perfect for research about family life on the frontier, this book is chock full of information to a degree that is mind boggling It s certainly not a fast or easy read because of the amount of information that flows through the pages It is evident that Luchetti did her homework in painting a comprehensive picture of this lifestyle from ...

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    organizationally, i hated this book also, it was based on first hand accounts but either the originals sucked too bad to be able to choose relevant and interesting excerpts, or else this author sucked e...

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    Excellent book packed with good information However, many of the dates given for the photos are inaccurate.

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