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  • 04 September 2018

About the Author: Richard Lee

Dr Richard Lee is the Founding Pastor of First Redeemer Church located in metropolitan Atlanta s Forsyth County, which is recognized as one of the fastest growing churches in the Southeast United States.Dr Lee and his wife, Judy, reside just outside of Atlanta in the Cumming, Georgia area.

Censored Own A Part Of The History Today Multiconglomerate Corporations Have Acted Swiftly To Suppress And Remove Any Mention Or Reference To The Confederate Flag From Almost Any Source The Quasi Public Nature Of These Entities Effectively Stifles Speech And The Freedom Of Expression Download Your Own Copy Of The Confederate Flag Today

10 thoughts on “Censored

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    This is not a book it it a one half page note.Rate this a lowest possible rating given because it is not a book it is not even a pamphlet true it is will written but was sold as a book which it is not Though I fully agree with the message given in this note it still is not a book and there for should not have been sold as a book not the author is to blame for this false advertising.

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    Why Censored Short and to the point Gives the reader a lot to think about Who are we to be banning the Confederate flag Are we going to rewrite history A very dangerous notion.

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    My WrightI chose this rating because it is true.Our rights are being taken away Large corporations are helping I am sad jumped on that band wagon

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