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  • Stable Relation
  • Anna Blake
  • English
  • 02 February 2018
  • 9780996491204

About the Author: Anna Blake about life on her farm and horse training from a unique perspective that affirms her humorous and inspirational approach to understanding, training and loving animals A second blog about writing can be found on her author website www, you for stopping by.

Stable RelationWhen Most Women Go Through A Mid Life Crisis, They Start A Diet, Get Plastic Surgery, Or Have An Affair My Life Went To The Dogsand Horsesand Llamas And Did I Mention Happy Hour With The Goats My Urban World Came Apart, So I Took A Leap Of Faith And Crash Landed On A Dilapidated Would Be Horse Farm On The Flat, Windy, Treeless Prairie Of Colorado It Was A Place Where White Horses Turn Pink At Sunrise And I Didn T Have To Worry About Locking The Back Entry To The House, Because The Door Was Missing The Biggest Social Event Of Any Week Was Greeting The Trash Man On Tuesday And What Should I Do About The Deceased Llama In The Laundry Room Any Decent Midlife Crisis Has A Quality Of Time Travel, In This Case Swinging Back To My Childhood Farm And My Disconnected, Secretive Family, Then Forward To The Animals Who Became My Family On The Prairie My Dogs And Horses Were Soon Joined By Some Line Dancing Llamas And A Biker Gang Of Goat Kids, Defying Gravity And Every Other Rule I Rescued An Abused Donkey Who Told Me He Was Ernest, And Windy, An Un Wanted Chestnut Mare Who Became Our Beloved Herd Matriarch Even Fred, The Duck Lived By A Code It S The Memoir Of My Bittersweet Transition From A Mid Life Orphan To A Modern Pioneer Woman, Building An Entirely Different Kind Of Family Farm Stable Relation Appeals To All Animal Lovers, Midlife Survivors, And Anyone Whose Parents Had Problems Of Their Own It S Told In A Strong, Bittersweet Voice, Sharing Life And Death On A Small Farm And The Healing Power Of Animals James Herriot Meets Janette Walls.

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    When friends ask me why I like to read memoirs I usually say it s because I m the curious sort Perhaps that s just another way of saying I m nosy, but there you have it I like to read about how other people have navigated the challenges they ve met in life Because we all have them, you know Some memoirs do a great job of telling you about everything that went right or wrong, but fail to really explore the nuts and bolts of the journey That s not a criticism everyone tells their story their own way and for different reasons But I happen to be most fond of the memoirs that tackle the grittier stuff The stuff that makes you have to put the book down and really chew on the words for a bit Stable Relation is that kind of memoir A perfect blend of tongue in cheek humor, confessional and a heaping dash of salt of the earth common sense This book not only challenges how you think and feel, but encourages you to become present and aware of your path in life Yes, there were several Kleenex moments for me Actually, I lost count, but I m a woman of a certain age and I ve earned the right to lean toward the sentimental side now And no, I m not ashamed You won t be either It s OK.This memoir is about Cattle Dogs, Dobies, mutts, ducks, horses, llamas and goats There are blizzards, bad memories, blistering sun and batty first dates, as well as the occasional flashback about dysfunctional family, distant relatives...

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    From the dedication to the final sentence, I was captivated and inspired In Full Moon Over Broken Glass, I feel as if I m right there on the porch, exhausted from the first day of work much harder than imagined in that first place of your very own In Dogs to the Rescue we are introduced to a timid rescued doberman and a cattle dog who lives up to his lofty name of Hero Anna s insight into animal personalities animalities is incredible I really feel like I ve met all these characters Die Hard on the Prairie is a rhythmically paced account of a terrifying blizzard in which shivered along with the horses in their snow bound stalls Wild Texas Wind describes the grace and sacrifice of an equine mother and the moonlit gift she gave Visitors by Bus is possibly my favorite chapter one animal after another astonishes with its intuitive compassion to members of an unlikely audience Anna s dressage partner, Spirit, is the shining white thread that weaves the story together, and you will thrill to their victories and admire their deep relationship of mutual devotion and respect In the book s final third, we follow Anna with a sense of dread and foreboding into a dark past that shattered her sense of self and belonging, and back into...

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    I m on my 2nd reading of this memoir, Stable Relation by Anna Blake I loved it that much Each tangy chapter is written with wit and insight as the author shares her life s lessons learned while growing up in a dysfunctional farming family, to her successful urban career, and then drawn back to farm life, shared with a delightful cast of critters along the way It s a must read for any hard working woman who has experienced life s hard knocks and pull...

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    Through GoodReads I was sent this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review Stable Relation is the true account of one middle aged woman, who after a divorce, death of her parents, who at best provided her with a dysfunctional home life , abandoned her city life after buying a dilapidated farm in Colorado Describing the would be horse farm as dilapidated is no exaggeration For example, there s no need to worry about locking the back porch, because the door was missing Narrated in short chapters, the reader is kept enrapt, as the author single handedly renovates the house, barn, and land to meet the needs of her horses and assorted rescue animals Sometimes, this involved bringing a donkey inside the laundry room when a major snow storm left the barn a dangerous place or having to drag a dead llama off of her front porch It s important to note that the author also undergoes a complete and inadvertent career change as her life progresses This is just one of the aspects of the book that had me cheering her on for her perseverance, creativity, and sense of self as she reinvented herself, and yet found peace with her new roles Each chapter is either a short segment of life on the farm, obstacles faced head on, or a description of one of her llamas, horses, dogs, or goats and how each helped carve the author s view on life My favorite chapter involved her llama being a ring bearer at a friend s wedding Honestly, I can t recommend this book enough...

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    When reading a book, if you re still tasting the salt of your tears as you snort through a laugh, it s a good sign that you ve found a book that has captured the true essence of the human experience I devoured Blake s riveting memoir in one day and frankly, i had a lot of other important things that I should have been doing I began the first chapter as I was on a mountain highway waiting for a rock pile to be cleared off the road I think it was the first time in history that I was disappointed when traffic began to move Blake s often witty, sometimes wry and always poignantly honest voice became a friendly companion who I was sorry to see leave when I turned the last page of the book.You could say that people who love animals will enjoy this book, but that s kind of like saying that people with taste buds will like chocolate ice cream The reader base for this memoir extends much further than animal lovers or people who live in the country This book is for anyone who has encountered a fork in their road of life and didn t know which way to go It s for anyone who has felt that they have lost it all I...

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    I could not put this book down I wanted to read it very slowly make it last, take in every drop of bravery, fear, love, humor, humility, reality and excellent writing I had to make a bargain with myself that I would read it again instead Stable Relation may have to be billed as memoir it is a memoir , but it reads like a great novel It is, quite simply, stellar This is a book for anyone who has ever succeeded, struggled, fallen short, dragged themselves forward, and let themselves be sustained by love where it lives, when loves is not available where it should live Anna Blake s skill at writing is evident in the spaces between her words and thoughts The events or feelings she didn t speak about were as telling and eloquent as the events and feelings she put forth As a reader, I could infer and link things together on my own She let me form my own ideas and opinions about things This is key to excellent writing, ...

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    I had long awaited the arrival of this book with high expectations, and yet I was still completely blown away by it If you have ever been lucky enough to owe a debt of gratitude to a good dog or good horse this book will hit you at your core Anna s absolute gift of observation brings to life the beauty of the Colorado prairie, but it also provides brilliant insight, humor and honesty on the topic of the human species She doesn t gloss over the pain of loss, but also vividly describes moments of connection and compassion that fill you up with fresh air and hope If you pick up this book you will treasure it and want to savor it I ...

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    Every once in a while you come across a book that stays with you Stable Relation is one of those rare finds And if you think, I m just not into horses that much, so this book isn t for me, you are dead wrong it s about so much life, hardship, survival, and love In this skillfully written memoir, Blake deftly draws us in from the start She interweaves her past and present life in a way that will have you turning pages as quickly as you can This account of her life, told in kaleidoscopic fashion rather than serially, has a magical way of beguiling the reader Blake has no problem being critical of others who deserve it or being self deprecating when she thinks she deserves it Her sly, wry wit is a breath of fresh air, as is her shrewd sarcasm At the same time, the reader soon comes to understand her feelings and motivations Blake slowly reveals her past, and you ll be rooting for her before you know it It s impossible not to bec...

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    If you like animals you should read this book If you love animals Anna Blake will speak to your heart She eloquently expresses exactly how I feel about the animals I share my life with This book has something for everyone From enjoying amusing and touching s...

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    I loved the book A must read for any hard working, animal loving person who has experienced life s hard knocks and pulled themselves up by their own boot straps A good horse story A good story of human ...

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