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  • 20 February 2017

About the Author: Robert Rose

www.blogtalkradio.com icdrrose I interview CHANGE AGENTS People who have changed themselves and are now helping others change My UNINTERRUPTED hour interviews are appreciated by most of my guests who say it was one of or the best interview they ve had I m proud of my education and self help books CREATING YOUR GIANT SELF Best Self Help Book Ever has a forward by Dr Robert Anton Wilson, Human Potential Guru who stated it was the best self help book ever, which I added to the revised edition I m proud of my 50 years teaching as I have developed educational innovations than any teacher I ve read about.I m proudest of my 50 years with Marie with whom we raised 7 children in our yours, mine, and ours extended family They are all decent, very loving people with whom we share our lives I hope you find my books and and radio show helpful and any feedback will be appreciated.

Experiences There Is A New Era Of Marketing Upon Us The Time Of Reach, Frequency, And Campaign Oriented Approaches Is Over And If Businesses Don T Evolve Into This New Era, They May Find Themselves On The Wrong Side Of History World Renowned Marketing Experts Robert Rose And Carla Johnson Have Teamed Up And Synthesized 5 Years Of Research With Global Brands Into A Set Of Better Practices That Weave Together Both The Why And The How Of Navigating This New Landscape By Placing Strategy Before Structure, Robert And Carla Illustrate WHY The Idea Of Content Creation Management Will Be A Core Discipline Within Tomorrow S Marketing Strategy And HOW Content Driven Experiences Can Be Created, Managed, Scaled, Promoted, And Measured In Today S Business If The Goal For Businesses Is To Become Like Media Companies, This Book Is The Roadmap To Get There.

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    Read this one for work I would only recommend it or the effort of reading this review to people working in marketing Experiences gives a good overview of the various epochs of marketing and makes the claim that we are entering a new era one of delightful, content driven experiences that provide reader value in and of themselves It was rather repetitive, but that helped to remember the main points Unfortunately, I had the feeling that they were selling, even pushing, their ideas on me throughout the book This, however, is not how a reader of content marketing which this book is on some level should feelAs a copywriter working in an agency, I learned much from the first half of the book the whats, whys and hows of experience dri...

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    Very inspiring Like going to a content marketing conference in your head I ll definitely be handing this around the office and encouraging our marketers to focus on storytelling and purpose driven content rather than the same series of campaigns managed through the same channels as we look to refresh our digital properties and c...

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    This book will challenge what you think of marketing If you like what Robert Rose has written in the past, just go ahead and pick this book up Most of it is about the author s view of current marketing opportunities and ex...

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    There are some parts to like put overall the book could have used a lot of editing It s probably not the book you will use to get your content marketing started I d suggest Content Chemistry by Orbit Media Studios instead I like the notion of ...

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    A hugely important thought leadership book in the world of content marketing Rose and Johnson lay out why marketing now is about content driven experiences Buyer behavior has changed, the way we interact with our customers has changed, and the industry has changed Their argument that businesses will fail if they don t engage with their customers in a new way has a lot of merit.I found the first third of the book extremely repetitive a bit of beating a dead horse when it came to why the experience thing is so important I get it and I m bought in But the latter 2 3 of the book with specifics around creating, managing, scaling, and measuring content creation ma...

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