The Mystery of the Golden Card

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Mystery of the Golden Card
  • Garth Nix
  • English
  • 03 October 2019
  • 9781405258654

About the Author: Garth Nix

Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia, to the sound of the Salvation Army band outside playing Hail the Conquering Hero Comes or possibly Roll Out the Barrel Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra the federal capital and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver Reed typewriter.De

The Mystery of the Golden CardMagical Twins, Mystery And Danger, Unexplained Events, And An Evil That Refuses To Be Contained Twins Jack And Jaide Are Troubletwisters And In This Book They Must Use Their Elusive Gifts To Search Rourke Castle For The Mysterious Golden Card Of Translocation.Can Twins Jack And Jaide Find The Mysterious Golden Card Of Translocation And Make It Out Of Rourke Castle Alive When Eccentric Young Master Rourke Dies In Suspicious Circumstances, Troubletwisters Jack And Jaide Are Sent On A Mission By Their Father To Retrieve A Lost Golden Card From Somewhere Within The Vast Rourke Estate But Secret Agents For The Evil Are Also In Pursuit Of The Card, And The Troubletwister Twins Know That Whoever Finds It First Will Gain Access To A Gift Powerful Or Terrible Than Any Other Together They Negotiate Secret Passages, Talking Parrots And Animated Suits Of Armour, While Trying To Control Their Own Fledgling Gifts It Rapidly Becomes Impossible To Know Who To Trust And Who Might Be An Agent Even Among Those Closest To Them.

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    This is a really consistent, well written series The twins are engaging although, as an adult I sometimes find them so infuriatingly stubborn and the adventures are spine tingling and suspenseful I also find myself getting very irritated with Grandma X when she doesn t tell the twins things they need to know, and then she disapproves when they get it wrong Not fair The thing I like most about the series, though, is the amount of horror in the story There ...

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    Despite the fact I still can t get over it that Nix and Williams have called their evil character The Evil, it s testiment to their high standard of writing that The Evil is a skin crawling character that gives me chills down my spine The story continues to grip me and I am very much looking forward to reading the next installment I love the twists no pun intended and the clever way the writers reveal little bits of information at a time Nix and...

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    Garth Nix never fails to impress and lure in his readers.

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    The third book of the Troubletwisters series pits young Wardens in waiting Jaide Shield and her twin brother Jack against yet another threat to the wards that protect the town of Portland from The Evil You know, that force of emptiness that comes from another dimension and wants to take over everything They have thwarted The Evil twice before But if there s one lesson The Evil seems to learn faster than Grandma X and the other good guys, it s that keeping secrets from the twins makes them vulnerable And if they re vulnerable, so is Portland and the world.In this installment, Grandma X couldn t let her troubletwisters in on the crucial secrets if she wanted to A suspicious car accident has landed her in the hospital, where she is being held for observation and drugged into a stupor While Grandma s cats and another Warden patrol the wards, the twins father shows up and sends them on a secret mission to retrieve an item from a local castle, something important that is at risk of falling into the hands of The Evil, now that the castle s owner has died and his estate needs to be disposed of Jack and Jaide tag along with a local book dealer, who is evaluating the castle s library But as they search through the castle, all they turn up is mysteries What exactly is this Card of Translocatio...

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    The latest Troubletwisters novel is undeniably the best so far The Mystery of the Golden Card focusses on Jaide and Jack s first Warden related mission and gives readers a lot action than ever before I like the development of the characters in this book, both the adults and the children, and it feels like the series is finally going somewhere.I really like that the secrets hinted at in the previous two books are finally coming to light The twins are better at connecting the dots and figuring things out in this book The best part is definitely their reluctance to accuse any of their acquaintances as spies for The Evil, they have certainly come a long way from the previous book, where Jaide was accusing innocent people of working for the enemy without a shred of proof.I also liked the plot and the nice twists and turns that kept the story hurtling along I found it slightly predictable but remember, the book isn t aimed at people my age , but I think the plot makes sense and is handled well The Mystery of the Golden Card definitely feels polished and smoother than the two previous instalments.I was, however, uncomfortable with the secrets that the twins ended up keeping from the adults around them they hid important things from their grandmother and their parents in the hopes of solving the myst...

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    This review was written by Nalini Haynes for Dark Matter Zine This and reviews, interviews etc are on Dark Matter Zine, an online magazine Mystery of the Golden Card is the third in the Trouble Twisters series for children aged 8 to 12 by Garth Nix and Sean Williams I previously reviewed The Monster, the second in the series.Jack and Jaide continue with their adventures, partially due to the adults being distracted, leaving the twins feeling both responsible and free to act The blurb says When eccentric Young Master Rourke dies in suspicious circumstances, troubletwisters Jack and Jaide are sent on a mission by their father to retrieve a lost Golden Card from somewhere within the vast Rourke estate But secret agents for The Evil are also in pursuit of the card, and the troubletwister twins know that whoever finds it first will gain access to a Gift powerful or terrible than any other Together they negotiate secret passages, talking parrots and animated suits of armour, while trying to control their own fledgling Gifts It rapidly becomes impossible to know who to trust and who might be an agent even among those closest to them.Personally I think the blurb says TOO MUCH, gi...

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    Book 3 in the Troubletwisters series, is an entertaining fantasy adventure that involves the two main characters overcoming a series of challenges There are plenty of eccentric characters and magic as well as elements of humour and enough action to keep any younger reader interested Grandma X is in hospital after a road accident where she was run off the road by an unidentified van Not having her around to give them advice unsettles Jaide and Jack There is a fierce rainstorm and they become excited when they see their father, Hector, who appears in the middle of it, on the border of the Rourke property This is a vast pseudo castle and was the property of the recently deceased Young Master Rourke There is strangeness about his death but nothing anyone can put a finger on Hector can t come too close to the children because it upsets their powers but he has an important task for them He needs them to find a golden card, the Card of Translocation He smuggles a phone to them, something that their mother has does not want them to have yet, and swears ...

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    GRANDMA STOP KEEPING SECRETS FROM JACK AND JAIDE And us readers, it s annoying The third book in this series, The Mystery definitely lives up to its name The mystery in this story is the biggest one Jake and Jaide have to solve yet, and to be honest I had no idea what to expect from the plot Rodeo Dave plays a HUGE part in it this time, contributing heavily to the mystery about the evil, the golden card, and the death of Young Master Rourke I was pretty much scared for him the entire time, cause I really like him Laughs I like how their friend Tara gets involved with the Evil business with them again Even Kyle hops on the bandwagon of disasters too I Love seeing minor characters get special roles My favorite part of this story was the whole thing with view spoiler their dad being evil, and tricking them into doing the wrong thing Only, th...

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    Jack and Jaide Shield are psychic twins Their main guardian is Grandma X, a Warden of Portland who is secretly protecting the world from The Evil, a terrible force from another dimension Someday Jack and Jaiden will become Wardens too They are too young now and their powers are too unpredictable Unfortunately for the twins their next adventure will happen without the help of Grandma X She had been in a car accident and ended up in the hospital and put on heavy medicines.The twins father shows up and wants them to find the Card of Translocation, of course they aren t the only ones looking for this object and its source of power Their task is to search the Rourke Castle The owner, Master Rourke, died under mysterious circumstances, so there would be no help from him The twins do get to investigate t...

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    Twins Jack and Jaide Shield are still learning to master their psychic powers when they are called upon to locate a magic object in Rourke Castle before The Evil, a force set on destroying their world, finds and controls it The problem is, the twins do not know what the object they are looking for looks like.The twins grandmother, their mentor and instructor, is out of the picture She has been hospitalized with a serious illness, and Jade and Jack may not visit her With no one to trust their secrets with, everyone becomes a suspect and a menace to the twins search, even their parents.Keeping this many secrets slows the action down considerably The protagonists do not undergo much change and secondary characters do not move the plot along significantly nor point the heroes towards revelations While entertaining, and able to stand on its own outside the series, some children may be disturbed by the g...

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