Life, Death, and Back

[EPUB] ✰ Life, Death, and Back By Cynthia Vespia –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Life, Death, and Back
  • Cynthia Vespia
  • English
  • 08 April 2019
  • 9781495397691

About the Author: Cynthia Vespia

Original Cyn Cynthia Vespia is an award winning author, fitness consultant, creative media specialist, and personal development enthusiast Early in life Cyn began to explore creativity without limits through her writing She s written several novels and dozens of short stories that give heroes a challenge and villains a purpose Her characters are rich with detail and fabulously flawed with an

Life, Death, and BackLife Goes By In A Blink One Moment Can Change Everything For Most, Death Is The Eternal End Bryan Caleb Has Unfinished Business Even As He Struggles With His Own Mortality, Bryan Must Find The Compassion Within Himself To Help Guide Lisa Zane, An Emotionally And Spiritually Drained Young Girl, Through Her Troubled Life To Find Her Purpose For It Is Only With Lisa S Help That Bryan Can Rescue His Son, Kriticos Caleb

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    This is my first read on a Cynthia Vespia novel She has a few other titles to her credit The Crescent, Theater of Pain, Demon Hunter The Chosen One, and Demon Hunter Seek and Destroy I am going to check out her other titles, I am now a fan of her writing since reading Life ,Death and Back How did I happen to bump into the author we are both Book Town member s If you are not a member feel free to click on the badge on my blog and join, good stuff awaits you, enjoy Here is the synopsis of the novel Life goes by in a blink One moment can change everything For most, death is the eternal end Bryan Caleb has unfinished business Even as he struggles with his own mortality, Bryan must find the compassion within himself to help guide Lisa Zane, an emotionally and spiritually drained young girl, through her troubled life to find her purpose For it is only with Lisa s help that Bryan can rescue his son, Kriticos Caleb Biography Cynthia was drawn to writing early on in life where she established a successful career as a freelance journalist writing everything from features and fillers, to reviews and human interest stories Throughout that time she remained true to her passion of writing novels and the creative outlet emersing in such stories brought with it.Her first novel, a medieval fiction entitled The Crescent iUniverse was published in August...

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    This style of book is like 3 short stories The center character is suprising, she is on the sidelines through much of it but is the only one in all the sections That would be Lisa Zane In the first story she is a drugged out young woman, her body being abused in exchange for a place to live and the drugs she craves Bryan, after an untimely death acts as her guardian angel to rescue her In the 2nd part, she has fully cleaned up her life when a reanimated Bryan asks her help in saving his now grown son from the violent path he was on And in the last section, Chris Bryan s son, aka Kriticos and Lisa are fully in love, and both of their pasts come to destroy them.I really enjoyed this book The characters are well written, although at times they are far too good The situations are also believable, even Bryan s afterlife The language, settings and characters all come together to create a novel with a quick flow that doesn t leave you want...

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    Thia was interesting It was a little different from what is out there in terms of ghosts and what happens after death Caleb seems liked a really awesome person and Holly was a nice person as well I think that most interesting out of all the characters however was Lisa I think that her change was the most obvious through out novel how she changed her personality and how much she valued herself She was a strong character.The setting was also pretty interesting It starts off with the crash and through out the book the adrenaline continues as people are being chased and shot at Also r...

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