Stolen Valentine Kiss

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  • Stolen Valentine Kiss
  • Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
  • English
  • 07 December 2019

About the Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

I m Stella Eromonsere Ajanaku, a true romantic I m the Author of several captivating intriguing Flirty Feisty Romance Novels I have been called the Romance Queen because I write about super sexy heroes and flirty feisty heroines My stories are a breath of fresh air, dotted with unexpected twists and are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and enchanting America A scorc

Stolen Valentine Kiss One Broken Heart Two Grieving Minds Holiday Series, Book Two HeartsOne Love To Lorna Ibe, Departmental Manager With One Of London S Multi Channel Retailers, Valentine S Day Lost Its Romantic Flavour Years Ago An Unplanned Holiday To New Jersey Is Her Perfect Getaway From The Stress And Emotional Turmoil Locked In Her Heart, Just What She Needs To Take Her Mind Off Her Troubles That S Until She Runs Into Logan Magazine Publisher, Logan Blake Has Had His Fair Share Of Stress In The Past Few Years When His Sister Asks Him To Drop Off Old Clothes To Charity, He Has A Minor Accident In Front Of The Charity Shop Where Lorna Volunteers When He Sets Eyes On Her Bare Midriff As She Wipes The Display Window, He Clears His Busy Schedule To Volunteer His Time Two Burdened Hearts Afraid To Get Entwined One Stolen Valentine Kiss Will Valentine Season Bring Them Romance Or Will Their Fears Keep Them Apart

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    Stolen Valentine Kisses is a feel good romance filled with lots of amusement and passion.The couple in the story Lorna and Logan are two people who are complete opposites But a chance encounter has Logan hatching a plan to meet the beautiful Lorna What follows is a fun, engaging story about two people overcoming difficult pasts and opening their hearts up to love.Logan is a fun hero he brought a dash of humor throughout the book My favorite moments are when he s working in the charity shop with Lorna The way he swept Lorna off her feet had me swooning Lorna gave Logan a hard time during his courting of her Yet, later it s revealed why Lorna was reluctant to open up to him.The pacing of the story was great, although at times it appeared to move fast at times I loved how throughout the story, there s hints about Logan and Lorna s pasts, yet everything s saved until the end I think having everything revealed at the end was a beautiful way to conclude Logan and Lorna s love story for now.

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    This is an enjoyable read of two people with broken hearts falling in love Unfortunately, it isn t that easy.There s too much hidden and too many secrets from the beginning.Wealthy, but lonely Logan Blake sees the midriff baring Lorna Ibe cleaning the display window of a charity shop and is almost immediately smitten Instead of approaching her and introducing himself, he questions the amiable waiter at the nearby restaurant and devises a plan to meet and get to know her.London native Lorna Ibe is in town visiting her auntand healing As if the death of her mother wasn t enough, another betrayal by a man she believed cared for her, compounded with the ultimate betrayal by her father, takes Lorna to her wits end.I believe it s possible for these two damaged hearts to be there for each other, but that requires communication, and Logan and Lorna are nothing if not an exercise in avoidance Okay, to be fair, it s mostly Lorna At times I think she s downright rude Logan takes her out to obviously one of the most expensive restaurants in New Jersey, and instead of enjoying the evening for what it is, she rants about the meal being over so the date is over HUH Why even go in the first place Againto be fair, we don t know all of Lorna s story at this pointnor Logan s But I feel it would have been beneficial to me as a reader to get of the back history as the story unfolded I wouldn t have been as hard on Lorna had I known what she was dealing with.Logan is sweet, and entirely sincere, but he should have told Lorna who and what he was from the beginning He was paying attention because he realized the he opened up, the Lorna did the same thing If only he d taken it further But, he knew when to push, and when to give her spacemostly His visit to see her when she was sick was just too sweet.The shining star of the story is Lorna s Aunt Nneka Without her, this story would have been one chapter LOL Her humorous nature runs almost as deep as her wisdom Logan and Lorna should celebrate her often We meet Lorna s cousin, Amarachi, who s a bit of a drama queen, but I m cutting her some slackthis time LOL These women are so young to be so highly strung Good thing Aunt Nneka is around to guide them You don t meet him until late in the story, but Clive is a partner of Logan s, and all I wanted to do was put a piece of tape over his big mouth LOL Logan s sister, Arabellaugh What a witch She s got some work to do to redeem herself with me I have mixed feelings about the pivotal moment in the story, but those are MY issues, not the author s.Book 2, Kiss My Lips, is already queued up on the Kindle, so I ll be back, but I do recommend Stolen Valentine Kiss

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    Put two people who are wary of love and yet have so much in common together and what you get is the push and pull involved in falling in love.Lorna is staying with her Aunt in New Jersey on a working holiday to escape some bad things that have happened in her life Logan s past bad experiences with women means he is unwilling to commit to any new relationship seriously.When they meet, their attraction to each other is undeniable While they can t seem to stay away from each other, neither wants to put his her heart on the line They had so much in common but couldn t seem to see past their individual pain.There were elements of this story that reminded me of some of the romance novels I used to read as a teenager In that respect, this is certainly a traditional romance The language is clean and there s no sexual interaction So this should suit lovers of sweet romance.A lovely sweet romance novella Happy to recommend to sweet romance lovers.

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    I love how Stella introduces us to the world of blue eyed Logan Blake and Lorna Ibe They both don t like Valentine s Day A Stolen kiss between them changes this Logan is attracted to Lorna when he sees her wiping the top section of a display window.Stella chooses her male protagonist well Logan is hot And I love Aunt Nneka who is a mother figure to Lorna.Logan and Lorna love tatoos The story has an easy pace I totally enjoyed reading this first installment of her holiday series.

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    I was given this book by author for honest review Lorna volunteers at a charity shop where Logan happens to see her Unable to get her off his mind he volunteers himself as well In the course of their relationship their mutual dislike of the Valentine Holiday comes to light The dialogue between all the charters but especially Lorna and Logan was back and forth constant entertainment.

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    4 VERY ENTERTAINING STARS I loved the characters and the dynamic between the two The back and forth between the two was perfect This was a book that was able to get the romance of the story off while still keeping it clean Definitely a good sweet romance This was a quick easy fun read with characters you can t help but fall in love with Leslie

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    Awaiting the next book

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    I enjoyed this book A nice simple, romance novel I look forward to reading Kiss My Lips.

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    A sweet clean romanceI liked that they took time to get to know each other They were both guarded with their hearts due to deep trauma of loss Love is ever healing Not sure if I will read the other book because the covers don t match Also the fact that there are outsiders, family and friends that want to pull them a part People into sabotaging love is not something I want any part in.

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