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  • 2014 Campbellian Anthology
  • M. David Blake
  • English
  • 09 March 2019

About the Author: M. David Blake

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology book, this is one of the most wanted M. David Blake author readers around the world.

2014 Campbellian AnthologyVarious Authors Collected 111 New Writers And Over 860,000 Words In The Span Of 20 Novel Excepts, 15 Novelettes, 113 Short Stories, 26 Pieces Of Flash Fiction And A Poem.Table Of Contents Notes Lengths For Each Story Are Noted According To The Following Criteria Flash Under 1,000 WordsShort Story 1,000 7,500 WordsNovelette 7,500 17,500 WordsNovella 17,500 40,000 WordsNovel Over 40,000 WordsStories Noted With Were Originally Published In 2013, And May Also Be Eligible For Awards In Their Respective Categories During The 2014 Season.Introduction By M David BlakeHere We Go Again Or Wait, Are We Still Here Ania AhlbornNovel Seed Excerpt Alisa AleringShort Story The Wanderer King Laurel AmberdineFlash Airship Hope Athena AndreadisShort Story The Wind Harp Stewart C BakerShort Story Behind The First Years Short Story Raising Words Jeffrey A BallardShort Story The Highlight Of A Life James BamburyShort Story Thirteen Generations Mark T BarnesNovel The Garden Of Stones Excerpt Novel The Obsidian Heart Excerpt Kelsey Ann BarrettShort Story My Teacher, My Enemy Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey, Nicole Galland, And Cooper MooNovel The Mongoliad Book One Excerpt Brooke BolanderShort Story Her Words Like Hunting Vixens Spring Short Story Sun Dogs Short Story The Beasts Of The Earth, The Madness Of Men Lisa BolekajaShort Story The Saltwater African Dawn BonannoFlash How Cherry Coke Saved My Life Oliver BuckramFlash The Running Of The Robots Flash Un Opera Nello Spazio A Space Opera Flash Half A Conversation, Overheard While Inside An Enormous Sentient Slug O.J CadeShort Story Longfin S Daughters Short Story The Mythology Of Salt Jennifer Campbell HicksFlash 30 Pounds Of Human Tissue Short Story Catch A Fallen Star David CaraniShort Story The Paradise Aperture A.G CarpenterShort Story Insomnia Short Story In The Cool Of The Day Vajra ChandrasekeraShort Story Pockets Full Of Stones Short Story The Jackal S Wedding Anne CharnockNovel A Calculated Life Excerpt Adam ChristopherNovel Empire State Excerpt Novel Seven Wonders Excerpt John ChuShort Story Incomplete Proofs Evan CurrieNovel Odyssey One The Heart Of Matter Excerpt Jonas DavidShort Story Deathday Short Story Three Seconds Robert DawsonFlash The Widow Short Story The Fifth Postulate Short Story Soldier S Return Evan DickenShort Story Paradise Left Ariel DjanikianNovel The Office Of Mercy Excerpt Lara Elena DonnellyShort Story The Witches Of Athens Robin Wyatt DunnShort Story L.A Actors Short Story Inside The Crown Haris A DurraniNovelette Tethered Sean EadsShort Story The Seer Bill FerrisShort Story Athlete S Foot Max GladstoneShort Story Drona S Death Tina GowerNovelette Twelve Seconds Short Story Today I Am Nobody A T GreenblattShort Story Tell Them Of The Sky Flash Letters From Within Shane HalbachShort Story My Heart Is A Quadratic Equation Kate HeartfieldShort Story Word For Word Short Story For Sale By Owner Short Story A Pair Of Ragged Claws Ken HinckleyShort Story The Ostracons Of Europa Short Story The Totem Of Curtained Minds Michael HodgesShort Story Fletcher S Mountains Flash Hydra Short Story Seven Fish For Sarah Ada HoffmannFlash Feasting Alone Short Story Blue Fever Short Story And All The Fathomless Crowds Tory HokeShort Story The Baby Mimic Short Story The Demeter Gyro Disaster Short Story Shaka Bars Louise HughesShort Story Over The Waves Alexis A HunterShort Story Midnight Hour Flash A Reason To Linger M K HutchinsShort Story Blank Faces Jess HyslopFlash The Sandman S Dreams Short Story Triolet Jos IriarteShort Story Yuca And Dominoes Novelette Cabr N Paul Antony JonesNovel Extinction Point Excerpt Sharon JossShort Story Love In The Time Of Dust And Venom A R KahlerNovel The Immortal Circus Excerpt Joy Kennedy O NeillNovelette Aftermath Daniel M KimmelNovel Shh It S A Secret A Novel About Aliens, Hollywood, And The Bartender S Guide Excerpt Marko KloosNovel Terms Of Enlistment Excerpt Francis KnightNovel Fade To Black Excerpt Samantha Kymmell HarveyShort Story Cadence Henry LienShort Story Pearl Rehabilitative Colony For Ungrateful Daughters Short Story Supplemental Declaration Of Henry Lien Hunter LiguoreShort Story Area 54 Stant LitoreNovel The Zombie Bible No Lasting Burial Excerpt Marina J LostetterShort Story Sojourn For Ephah Short Story Master Belladino S Mask Short Story The Prayer Ladder Sean F LynchShort Story The Cave Jodi McIsaacNovel Through The Door Excerpt Alena McNamaraShort Story As Large As Alone Carmen Maria MachadoShort Story Inventory Novelette Especially Heinous 272 Views Of Law Order SVU Short Story We Were Never Alone In Space Marshall Ryan MarescaShort Story Jump The Black Helen MarshallShort Story The Hanging Game Short Story I M The Lady Of Good Times, She Said Short Story The Slipway Grey Michael J MartinezNovel The Daedalus Incident Excerpt Kate MaruyamaNovel Harrowgate Excerpt Samuel MarzioliShort Story A House In The Woods Short Story Midnight Visitors Short Story Burning Men Michael MathesonShort Story The Many Lives Of The Xun Long Short Story Weary, Bone Deep Short Story The Last Summer Rich MatrunickShort Story Barren Sky Tim MaughanNovelette Limited Edition Short Story Zero Hours Short Story Collision Detection Clint MoreyNovel The Outer Rims Excerpt John P MurphyFlash Tumbleweeds And Indelicate Questions Flash At The Old Folks Home At The End Of The World E.C MyersNovel Fair Coin Excerpt Ramez NaamNovel Nexus Excerpt Chrome OxideShort Story Cop For A Day Shannon PeaveyNovelette Scavengers Short Story Ghosts In The Walls Gary B PhillipsShort Story The Lady Electric Flash Enteral Feeding Trina Marie PhillipsNovelette The War Of Peace Sarah PinskerNovelette In Joy, Knowing The Abyss Behind Jay PoseyNovel Three Excerpt Richard Ellis Preston, Jr.Novel The Chronicles Of The Pneumatic Zeppelin Romulus Buckle The City Of The Founders Excerpt Lissa PriceNovel Starters Excerpt Short Story Portrait Of A Spore Dan RabartsShort Story Waking The Taniwha Short Story The Crooked Mile Adam RakunasNovelette Oh Give Me A Home Melanie ReesFlash Seven Sins Short Story Virtually Human Short Story The Dragon Christopher ReynagaNovelette The Grande Complication Novelette Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree Anthony RyanNovel Blood Song A Raven S Shadow Novel Excerpt Carlie St GeorgeShort Story This Villain You Must Create Marcus SakeyNovel Brilliance Excerpt Sofia SamatarNovel A Stranger In Olondria Being The Complete Memoirs Of The Mystic, Jevick Of Tyom Excerpt Short Story Honey Bear Short Story Selkie Stories Are For Losers Holly SchofieldShort Story Graveyard Shift Short Story Hurry Up And Wait Erik B ScottFlash The Exterminator Jason SheehanNovel A Private Little War Excerpt Frances SilversmithShort Story Online War Flash Finally Free Flash Were Jeremy SimShort Story Fleep Short Story Addressing The Manticore Short Story Skybreak Stephen SottongNovelette Planetary Scouts Flash Friends Benjanun SriduangkaewShort Story Annex Short Story Vector Short Story Paya Nak John E O StevensShort Story The Scorn Of The Peregrinator Bonnie Jo StufflebeamShort Story The Wanderers Short Story The Siren Poem The Ferryman Tim SusmanShort Story Erzulie Dantor Flash Diamonds Are Forever Flash Goldeneye Bogi Tak CsShort Story Recordings Of A More Personal Nature Flash The Tiny English Hungarian Phrasebook For Visiting Extraterrestrials Short Story Mouse Choirs Of The Old M Tra Grace TangFlash Ghost In The Machine Flash White Lies Flash Man S Best Friend Brian TrentShort Story Sparg Short Story War Hero Short Story The Nightmare Lights Of Mars Sabrina VourvouliasShort Story Collateral Memory Gerald WarfieldNovelette Spores Of The Volcano Short Story Pageant For A Crazy Man Darusha WehmShort Story The Care And Feeding Of Mammalian Bipeds, V 2.1 Short Story Modern Love Short Story I Open My Eyes Django WexlerNovelette The Penitent Damned Novel The Thousand Names Excerpt John ZaharickShort Story Dysmorphic Short Story Ghost Gardening Short Story After The Kaiju Attack

10 thoughts on “2014 Campbellian Anthology

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    This anthology offered me a much needed panorama of up and coming writers in the fields of the fantastic Kudos to M David Blake for compiling such a gargantuan book with so few errors as a fellow anthologist, I am awed.As a reader, I may try of Ania Ahlborn s Seed intriguing characters, but may swerve into the pure horror lane Jeffrey A Ballard for the combination of smartness and kindness of his protagonist in The Highlight of a Life Kelsey Ann Barrett because I, too, have fetishes The Mongoliad three chapters, and I m already in love with the cast Brooke Bolander poignant but prone to darkness will keep my fingers crossed to take a Sturgeonesque direction Oliver Buckram for the lightness of his humor Evan Dicken someone must have thought of that particular future earlier but it s good to be reminded Tina Gower because I am bipolar, and she knows about these things A T Greenblatt for lending hope another pair of wings Shane Halbach for making me laugh Kate Heartfield for cultivating fields of the heart Ken Hinckley for the uplifting resolution of The Totem of Curtained Minds Alexis A Hunter for touching me Daniel M Kimmel s Shh...

  2. says:

    I know that my updates about this one have been a bit snarky, which is not an accurate description of the general content of this collection There s really good stuff in here, and I have discovered a couple of authors whose stuff I m going to keep an eye on from now on Mark T Barnes, Oliver Buckram, O.J Cade, Vajra Chandrasekera, Christopher Reynaga, Sofia Samatar, Laurel Amberdine, Athena Andreadis, Bogi Tak cs, Brian Trent Apart from those, there s lots of decent stuff, not terribly exciting, but solid.There s a couple of stories, which in my humblest of opinions don t belong into this book because they re not genre at all, like the one about a colony of Cuban ex pats, and the one about a gang of rednecks lynching a deaf guy.And then, there s the stinkers How on Earth did some of this stuff get commercially published Non honorable mention goes to Michael Hodges, Paul Antony Jones, Haris A Durrani, Benjanun SriduangkaewProbably the biggest book I ve ever read in one ...

  3. says:

    38252 locations of sci fi goodness, and it s free, peoples Download links

  4. says:

    Fairly massive collection of short stories, and as I got it for free a really good bargain Take my advice and skip the self published stories, as they illustrate just what a good editor is worth

  5. says:

    The John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer is given annually to the best new writer whose first professional work of science fiction or fantasy was published within the two previous calendar years.This massive anthology attempts to gather together all the works eligible for the award in 2014 Of course, not every potentially eligible author could be contacted and give permission to republish in time But the result was 29 novel excerpts, 15 novelettes, 113 short stories, 26 flash fiction pieces, and one poem, by 111 writers, and totaling 860,000 words.Inevitably, with such a massive tome, there are a fair number of typos authors do not always have the final published form of stories available in electronic form, and there is simply too much material for even a modest level of proof reading, especially considering the price free It took me than ten weeks to read, and I probably skipped a third of the stories I m interested in the science fiction end of the spectrum, and some stories just didn t grab me.There were many awesome stories i...

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    It took me a whole year to finish this, but I only read it very intermittently, and had to stop frequently and seek out some of the novels excerpted Only one story was truly terrible Cop for a Day by Chrome Oxide, which is like a 12 year old boy jerking it to Ayn Rand pass and it introduced me to the works of Marko Kloos who is FANTASTIC Also can t beat the low, low price of free for all this material I don t know if you can still get it for nothing, but it s worth check...

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    I just have to admit this thing is too large for my attention span and free time right now Maybe someday, but I doubt it This is a daunting thing Kudos to the folks who put this together and I wish I could give it the time it deserves Even with this, I una...

  8. says:

    This thing should count as at least five books in the reading challenge Over a hundred authors, many of them with multiple works.Truly a wealth of excellent SF, running the full gamut Like any good collection, some...

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    This is a great free read for sci fi lovers I skipped around in it, reading mostly the short stories, some which were awesome see especially Selkie stories are for Losers and Her words like hunting Vixens in the Spring I didn t finish the whole anthology but still worth it Did I mention it s free

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    Incredible I didn t love every entry but every single one brought something to the table I now have dozens dozens of new authors I MUST now read by I very much appreciated the links to their web sites Wonderful.

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